Applications for communicating robots!

Research on bots evolving their own languages seems to be coming of age as applications are being found!

“Learning to communicate and adapting our behaviour to the information we receive has been fundamental to human evolution. If machines could do the same the intelligent talking robots of science fiction could become the stuff of science reality, as researchers aim to prove.” Read more here… and here…

The project’s homepage: ECAgents: Embodied and Communicating Agents

The project’s coordinator – Stefano Nolfi – provides a wealth of information on his homepage..

Research in language evolution amongst robots has been going on for quite a while at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris. One of their projects ‘AIBO’s First Words’ is described as follows:

“We investigate the mechanism that enables an autonomous robot to learn how to use words in appropriate situations based on its social and perceptual history. In the current experiments, an enhanced version of AIBO — Sony’s four-legged robot — tries to construct from scratch the meaning of simple words uttered by humans. These words concern the presence of objects (ball, red, etc), the behavior of the robot (walk, sit) and the robot’s body part (leg, head). These experiments show the importance of grounding each word in its social and perceptual context.”

A great resource for anything on Evolutionary Robotics can be found here!

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